Things To Do Around Here

I feel like a terrible host with people turning up and I'm not there physically in the room to meet them! Can I get you something to drink!! Really! Absolutely. 

There's a bunch of work on Youtube!

I decided at the beginning of this blog I was happy to just leave it here: How long? How longs a piece of string? I mean you have to be happy about leaving anything up long term based on reasonings. But in terms of just having something that clearly is dedicated to yourself. Why not? People land on a website short term by something that made them look. Hence the landing page. If they like me want to just learn something quickly. There's something there for their attention. Some people just leave! But they still had to jump onto your site to be there in a unique way. 

Up to date streams. 

I can see all these new avenues appearing where streaming companies attempt to convince the artists to check their weekly figures. Me? I've been checking stream rates more than anything. Based on zero's of cents or fractional returns of what it isn't? Money making/ The increase in the intensity of people who clearly do is always exciting. There is no commercial outlet for my music or so it seems.

That statement finds a way. 



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