Why A Great Back Catalogue Is Essential

If a musician doesn't always possess the things they need at the very great moments they need them. At least a great back catalogue if available can always help explain. What a milestone weekend? It's my own son's 18th birthday on May 2nd and I can't think of a better person to dedicate to. At some point, the site gets left to the one and only air. It's not much but, I've always figured that a young adult going through life with an ability to blog and an always growing fan base may just wish to write on it.

Available to Stream Worldwide.

Ahh, we the bestowers of often bad examples. Depends on which great side of the coin you're on. Random statements in the morning, prior to a coffee. Whatever Happened to John Wayne? Well other than what we do know. The spirit of. I was asked to write that track for a movie which as often does, never came out. Nevertheless, the song still remains and gets spun quite often on internet stations. 

Happy Birthday Daniel and to all those looking in. 

Always Cult Status!



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