Why I Made A Reverb Pedal.

As part of my first Foundation degree had to make a device that could be played with an instrument.

Originally having some grandeur plans of alternately tuned guitars etc, settled for an Arduino interface and some tricky little coding in PureData. 

Setting up in the classroom

It's nerve-wracking having to perform in front of a small group of classmates and your tutor to pass the assignments but nevertheless, you do and end up getting used to it.

Reverb pedal on the floor

The pedal itself was fairly basic in design with built presets of anywhere between 250 mill seconds to 1000. You tend to get a nice delay with that, and then the basic reverb is a built-in bit of code I used to program the Arduino.

All sounds complicated and it is, but I left with a Foundation Degree in Music Performance & Technologies: and they don't give them away for free, you really have to earn it.

Plus I recorded this. 

Some more shots from the studio during the recording of 'I doubt It'. 

Cheers for looking in!

Michael David Curley

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