Writing Someway!

This is one of those recordings that you either work up and record or you just play it live or perhaps do both. Alternate tuning to start on five strings. I played on 5 strings for a long time purposely removing the high E. Got a few songs out of the tuning and as always preferred certain one's.


I guess the relevance of writing this was after reading a book about the war for independence and British ships being involved. It doesn't have to be a specific battle, but liked the idea of tall ships in a harbour firing onto the shore. As the song states, it's a storytellers mind.

The first verse originally being personal. That stated, had some really good responses from people close who I thought would have just passed it off. You put all that together and believe I captured quite a soundtrack. A little noisy on the production side of things if I'm being critical but there you go: As stated up top, depending on where you are at the time of writing a song and have access to anything really. That is often how it turns out.


Trollbeads - The Original since 1976

One thing I've learned in terms of creative works is to never stop promoting them. Even if you don't at the time feel like playing. Working on the basis you never went mainstream? Well, what's to be afraid of it's music that people like and stream or buy or they don't and they leave. 

That's the only way to work: I couldn't reach enough people if I tried. The markets closed as far as I know it, so really just enjoy it by way of a share. The market? The industry? Are you a recognised artist? Not that I'm aware of other than on Google. 

Then I must be.

Cult artist? No...)


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