There's No Use Flogging A Dead Horse!

The old saying once got said about 'Clever Bastards,' and yet, there one is listening to 'Master of My Day'. I guess in terms of friendships with band members it changes. The objectivity of anything is really. Can this be…

Always Looking In? 

Generally, I go by what's being streamed in terms of responses: Original tracks that it is hence thats' why I've put most of what was sat on a hard drive up to Youtube. 'Sweets into your list, put that


The Long Drop - Part 1 - Skin The Goat & The Invincables.

Five more original songs from 2011

Back in 2011 I recorded a quickly turned around demo EP. In attempting to release the whole thing as one track called it the 'The Long Drop','Part 1', discussing the project idea in an…

Check Out Tunes Invitational - Only On Youtube.

Tunes Invitational.

Tunes Invitational is a playlist of songs either written or performed by me, in some cases live and includes a live acoustic cover of Oasis's, Supersonic and John Lennon's 'Imagine.' Another track to check out is…


All The Way Down - Radio Drama!

Originally a task set at University under assignment later became the now ongoing reality of attempting to not only write but piece together in physical format, a radio drama of some length. First off finding the actors. All this…


You Tried To Tell Me No!

Last night I saw two friends of mine!

I've always liked this song, based on how I wrote it at the time being autobiographical. 

Get some in!

Weren't you the one that tried to tell me?

Heads up!




I've always liked the idea of the well-used phrase anyway; generally used by myself at the point of wishing to finish off an ongoing conversation. So Anyway: The song is currently being scripted into a radio drama 'All The Way…


Offers Abound In This Land!

Each Time A Woman Goodbye!

Be sure to stop more than once when you're in town!

Michael David Curley


Songs by The Cafe Authors!

It was probably a natural progression moving from one band into a duet but it worked: I used to have a tidy little video for the song but that got lost somewhere in translation. The song is about a conversation…


Still Spinning It!

I wrote this song at the start of the troubles at the turn of the century. Living in America at this time was always just blown away by the amount of crap you're forced to consume. That stated, on a…


Any Old Reason!

But when I get there, will it be me? I doubt it.

Like it on Youtube

The meaning of the song changed for me too when it was originally written circa 91'. I'd always just played it acoustically but had…