Available On The Way!

I got asked about this track the other day via email; on a 'do you still have 'Catz In Howzes'? Like an old film where the guy turns around and says, 'Now I've not heard that name in…

October 8th 2021 (Someway)


There's actually three versions now of this song on Youtube, but the first time I've played it in a while!

Having always enjoyed playing at home working on some more refined recording techniques to actually suit the space!


Creating Creative Playlists. 

Playlists, everybody got one!

"Seems nuts to me that you wouldn't at least create a goto point for interested parties to listen to your work(s)".

Michael David Curley, on BBC 6 (Live) playlists - Last 90 days!

I put together…

A Walk Down By The Water!

Atherstone Locks (Coventry Canal), Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Long Time Now!

I attempt to get in at least one walk each day of just over a mile and find it soothes the mind, just listening to the sound of your own…

Growth In The Chinese Market

Recent Worldwide Sales

Tencent Music Entertainment specialising in streaming music services in China! It's again as always a needed point of direction to what it is that was being played. All Over Now. One of my personal favourites that regardless…

It's Your Century, You Shift It!

I took that shot in my old Fiat Punto just before it got sold. When petrol was freely available and you never gave a thought to a cold. Life wasn't really much simpler in those days, it's just, most people…


Eugene (Whats on your mind?)


Another weekend of mindless sports!!

The team you hate beats Man Utd and the team down the road are second in the division. Your own team draws and Europe was rubbish in the Ryder Cup. Meanwhile, the pending UK petroleum…


Recent September Streams.

I like the idea of multiple companies providing revenues. It always seems more exciting to know and find out which songs are getting played worldwide. I released 'A Song Of Single' a while ago and always thought…


Always Be Selling Something!

The basic gist of life as a musician, if you're not selling something - you're just not selling. 


Tunes Invitational

If you're here because of something you heard then welcome. If you're new to the site! If you're not new…