A Silence Of Home 

The website was first opened in 2006 for a growing amount of shows and since then has reasoned many things to do with life so wanted to say hello to anyone looking in, and for people who are streaming my music. I'm currently still feeling as if there is a need for an online presence some years later and still have music officially unreleased with an objective to have a live studio album.

Having been back in the U.K for a decade after leaving the United States see anything in music more as a personal journey more than anything commercial these days. I spend more time in studio's working on the craft of production and been studying for a Level 6 B.A in Music Production which will be completed by May of next year.

Anyone who wishes to leave a comment can do so as I'm always interested to learn how you heard of any music you may have enjoyed. Visits from as far as China with some good solid contacts still in the U.S as a plus. My goals at that point are to secure the best form of musical employment I can somewhere on the planet!

Thought I'd keep it short.

Best wishes


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  • Tony Lilly
    Tony Lilly Seattle
    Love ya brother

    Love ya brother

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