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Available On The Way! 

I got asked about this track the other day via email; on a 'do you still have 'Catz In Howzes'? Like an old film where the guy turns around and says, 'Now I've not heard that name in years. Course I do. There used to be another video to this but then during some rounds of life, the file just went missing. This is actually part of the 2010 release 'The Way', so readily available on ALL digital platforms under the heading 'Yeah'. It is funny how the past has a much cooler way of catching up with you. 

Glad you like it! I snuck off a work to record that. Investments in the self are worth it!


Creating Creative Playlists.  

Playlists, everybody got one!

"Seems nuts to me that you wouldn't at least create a goto point for interested parties to listen to your work(s)".

Michael David Curley, on BBC 6 (Live) playlists - Last 90 days!

I put together a Youtube playlist of 10 of my songs, inclusive of a couple of famous covers. I still listen to it to be fair but then that's why I wrote or covered it in the first place!

Stops you ever singing it again in a car!

Tunes Invitational on Youtube!

The news is that people are listening! And, if they are then make sure you've at least one good source that's not just reliant on the radio. I have to admit I didn't even realise there was a BBC Radio 6, but in terms of what they consider alternative music there clearly is.


A Walk Down By The Water! 

Atherstone Locks (Coventry Canal), Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Long Time Now!

I attempt to get in at least one walk each day of just over a mile and find it soothes the mind, just listening to the sound of your own footsteps on the path. Sometimes I hear a song I've written and sing it to myself and then I realise I may as well put it up on my blog. In terms of writing more songs it's really now at the position of 'why worry', I have enough at the present time to keep me going. The relevance of being contemporary is really down to the individuals own ears and you can't ever make people listen. 

It's a funny thing having music out in the world and a website people visit because of that. Can't say my music is at any time going to change the world, but I did have a plan. At the turn of the century, I was still working out how to get my songs on the internet whilst these days consider how far they've travelled full circle. There's zero promotion less these web pages and a very small following on social media.

In terms of playing 'live' again, then you'd really have to pay me. The days of sitting in bars whilst people are doing their own thing is over for me.

Plus the fact once you've listened to 'Standing On The Balcony' versus 'Halo', you'd realise!




Growth In The Chinese Market 

Recent Worldwide Sales

Tencent Music Entertainment specialising in streaming music services in China! It's again as always a needed point of direction to what it is that was being played. All Over Now. One of my personal favourites that regardless of any time stands out. Cheers for listening and looking in. 

Music? It's a simple thing in the night. Driving home or something you like.


It's Your Century, You Shift It! 

I took that shot in my old Fiat Punto just before it got sold. When petrol was freely available and you never gave a thought to a cold. Life wasn't really much simpler in those days, it's just, most people never washed their hands. Most of us are viewed as being born in the last century now anyhow so, it's hardly our fault. It's your century, you shift it. If polar bears and grizzlies are in fact known to be matting, that surely has to be a good thing. I'm just reaching out! )

Eugene (Whats on your mind?) 


Another weekend of mindless sports!!

The team you hate beats Man Utd and the team down the road are second in the division. Your own team draws and Europe was rubbish in the Ryder Cup. Meanwhile, the pending UK petroleum disaster of 2021 is yet to actually happen. Until Monday obvious morning when people are getting petrol. Everywhere's run out. I mean the less we all drive this week the better. It might help your team! )



Recent September Streams.

I like the idea of multiple companies providing revenues. It always seems more exciting to know and find out which songs are getting played worldwide. I released 'A Song Of Single' a while ago and always thought it was a good song. Not sure how you'd use it in a video but nevertheless someone did somewhere. 

Give it a spin!

Available to buy, sync or stream worldwide.

Michael David Curley

Always Be Selling Something! 

The basic gist of life as a musician, if you're not selling something - you're just not selling. 


Tunes Invitational

If you're here because of something you heard then welcome. If you're new to the site! If you're not new to the site then stick on you're favourite headphones and listen.  

Apparently, you have to recommend and guide people in the right direction, otherwise, they may not understand what it is you want. Surmising a person is visiting your site based on something they've heard (you being a musician), or a link you've left, the more information the better right?


Cheers for looking in

Michael David Curley 

There's No Use Flogging A Dead Horse! 

The old saying once got said about 'Clever Bastards,' and yet, there one is listening to 'Master of My Day'. I guess in terms of friendships with band members it changes. The objectivity of anything is really. Can this be created and remain friends?

If you were the captain! You'd captain up. 

Love & War!

That stated, it feels good to just write - I always had a theory about bringing them in. How do you do that? Play well and have great songs. Bars are open season and you can never quite tell who will take the front seats in the house. Music rarely divides based on the instincts of being humans. That's what I've found so far to this day.

On a selfish note, it's great if a person responds! Then you're also better off sometimes allowing for the facts that they don't. All those people not responding to people they don't have to.  Anyway! A digression is an art form at its best, so one must - moments later you return to the keyboard. You'd have to be here to appreciate what I've just done. I got accused this week of writing a classic joke. What do you call a sheep that leaps from a cliff?

A woolly jumper. Tell your friends: It probably likely helps a person.



Always Looking In?  

Generally, I go by what's being streamed in terms of responses: Original tracks that it is hence thats' why I've put most of what was sat on a hard drive up to Youtube. 'Sweets into your list, put that in'. I thought I'd just write this morning, feeling like I wish to reach out to possible like-minded people. Big smiley faces and all that. It's not difficult, but it is interesting to find out where in the world your music is being played.

I'll probably never find out for sure how exactly it did reach Japan, China, and a large number of recent visits from Sweden also. If you're likely visiting on a smartphone then be sure to search the whole site, I'm attempting to help you land here!! 

Can you do it with your eye's closed? I'd hazard a guess!  

Michael David Curley

The Long Drop - Part 1 - Skin The Goat & The Invincables.  

Five more original songs from 2011

Back in 2011 I recorded a quickly turned around demo EP. In attempting to release the whole thing as one track called it the 'The Long Drop','Part 1', discussing the project idea in an earlier post (Skin The Goat & The Invincables).

As it happens iTunes rejected it, so in the end, I cut it up and put out just two songs.

Thinking that iTunes was the be-all and end-all, never gave any other thought to the other companies. Anyroad up, exactly ten years later the whole thing turned up on Amazon to download or stream. You see, not such a stupid idea as Apple thought.

It's me really just being as creative as I can. Lyrically it's a trip!

So if you're on the site here stop a while put on some headphones and give it a listen. You'll not hear anything else that it does sound like. 

Michael David Curley

Check Out Tunes Invitational - Only On Youtube. 

Tunes Invitational.

Tunes Invitational is a playlist of songs either written or performed by me, in some cases live and includes a live acoustic cover of Oasis's, Supersonic and John Lennon's 'Imagine.' Another track to check out is 'Another Yesterday Door' written by actor Eric Roberts, Rock N Roll Inductee Steve Fossen, and me. In terms of great songs, you may also wish then to hear the relevance of 'Standing On The Balcony.' 


Ten songs from across my songwriting career.

Of course, it's Invitational - if you know where to look!

Michael David Curley. 


All The Way Down - Radio Drama! 

Originally a task set at University under assignment later became the now ongoing reality of attempting to not only write but piece together in physical format, a radio drama of some length. First off finding the actors. All this was performed in the capacity of director by friend Stuart Woodhall. At that point, he also wanted to use a number of the songs so I was naturally interested. It's based around recent years placed into a dystopian drama about a woman grappling with her sanity and state of mind whilst fighting to keep her relationship alive! All The Way Down - Act 1.

It's out there now and based on the people who stop by here, it's a different take perhaps on my music both tracks that appear Anyway (Curley) and Maybe (Curley, Lilly), both appear on The Way. 

Take some time; there are two more parts to come.

Cheers if you do


I've always liked the idea of the well-used phrase anyway; generally used by myself at the point of wishing to finish off an ongoing conversation. So Anyway: The song is currently being scripted into a radio drama 'All The Way Down', which should be set for release before the end of the year.

Available to stream or buy on the album 'The Way'

As the relevance of placing videos up on Youtube becomes more apparent to me; I'm happy there's over 75 of them up there now including some cuts from The Way, that are popular on all other streaming services. It's just there now, and at point, it does or doesn't get found by people, an interesting ride. 

The relevance of the song, give it a spin or better still just buy.



Songs by The Cafe Authors! 

It was probably a natural progression moving from one band into a duet but it worked: I used to have a tidy little video for the song but that got lost somewhere in translation. The song is about a conversation with a woman in America who was about to move to England.

The Cafe Authors are Available Worldwide

Stood at the bar while you're married! With the now-former brother in law. Your man there on the right! He was telling her not to go. Course you have to tell them stories! Anyroad up, another song was shared on Youtube. It don't make it wrong, it make it right! 

Still Spinning It! 

I wrote this song at the start of the troubles at the turn of the century. Living in America at this time was always just blown away by the amount of crap you're forced to consume. That stated, on a good day a pretty nice place to live!

Dumb It Down

A record executive had mentioned we should dumb it down, meaning the next album. So we did. I always loved the intro to Mr President and figure the song should be more popular than it is really. It's classic. Available to stream worldwide. 



Any Old Reason! 

But when I get there, will it be me? I doubt it.

Like it on Youtube

The meaning of the song changed for me too when it was originally written circa 91'. I'd always just played it acoustically but had an electric still in mind. Playing the bass, and all guitars on this youtube version, used a session drummer in for the backbeats. 




The Irony Of Vlogs And Copyright 

Have you noticed how most popular vlogging Youtube's all work in the same format? Well, it's usually fast editing and generally always facing the camera: There is little external sound. I attempted to upload a one-hour long vlog today I did in December 2017. Based on mental health and it won't get played. It's about how situations online can create and lead to issues. That stated it was rejected due to copyright claims. I had music playing in the background whilst talking into my Sony Handycam. Ironies again, I even had to convert the video clips so the process took me around three hours to complete. Nevertheless, it ran its checks after upload and rejected it. Youtube did offer me the opportunity to remove the music, which wouldn't have worked. But the irony is in fact, based around what my vlog was about. How the system creates issues with some people leading to theories of conspiracies. 

Perhaps some things are never meant to be aired. Next time you're watching a Youtube see if you can hear any other sounds outside of the person talking that are subject to copyright. Crazy how it's all changed. It defeats the reality of actually attempting to talk in a nightclub - they'd rather you just did a stupid few second video dancing around with that one and the music you can select from a list.

Recent Results

I've found in the last ten to twelve years that the moment I attempt to become publicly creative, something steps on the contrary and prevents it from going out. Regardless of results.