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An Oddity Of Russian Sales?  

It's exciting to report that there's life out there in Russia based on the streams that I get from Russian outlets such as UMA (United Media Agency) and Yandex: Again having never visited always eager to learn how the music got into any individuals playlists. That's always the objective. 

It's always what I consider the more obscure songs as well, which is great: In writing this never expect an instant reply from anyone and even when you do, it's a shock! That stated, if you are from Russia or anywhere else in the world and read this, let us know where you're from?

We keep on stepping forward, omnipotent by desires, cheers for looking on. 

Michael David Curley.

United Kingdom Are Jokes At Eurovision. 

It's a fairly easy format that was destroyed by the almost now last twenty years of controls over U.K songwriting. We have around 75,000 albums per year released in the U.K and the fourth largest music market next to the U.S. Japan and Germany. If you've heard of 50 of them you're likely to be an expert. In terms of actual songs that are written by writers who write? It's not like the industry doesn't know you're there, they do! You're not at any point ever going to be asked to write a song though. I've met with representatives of the U.K industry twice since being back in the United Kingdom, and other than telling them about Halo, and likely seeming strange when I did, also sang them 'Long Black Veil' in an audition for X Factor in 2012.

I had to do it acapella at the time, which is always interesting! A couple of hours later met with the senior producer of the show and he asked me if I knew anything 5000 people would know. "sure"! I told him. Sang 'Don't Look Back In Anger' by Oasis and he thanked me for my time.

Life was a little confusing at the time and other than messing up my phone number they put me down as a substitute for Manchester so told them I wasn't interested. The little known fact about why the UK scores zero in the Eurovision song contest is they know we don't take it with the same intent as the other countries do! Especially when they know we do have great songwriters here and most to the majority are just clearly ignored.

Just like not asking John Lydon to invest his own time in a documentary about his own life! Typical! 





A Silence Of Home 

I wrote this one watching the telly just messing around with a riff I ended up with. It developed over a period of around a year and I knew what the chorus was because it seemed to just come naturally. The verses I struggled with for a while until I knew what I wanted to say.

Rehearsed it to where I was feeling comfortable and then literally picked up my chair and headed outside. There was this really nice nook that was covered just outside my kitchen window and it was dark, The breeze was blowing and I always think that based on what I'm stating in the song, just answers to the call. Played on my nylon string I think in time will go down as one of my best songs.


Using a Tascam app at the time on an iPad I had, just boosted it up a little in mastering. I like recording outdoors as it's difficult to fake it. So sit back and enjoy a Silence of Home. I recorded another version for University and handed it in as a project, but prefer the original being this one.

Michael David Curley


We Were Young We'd Play!  

I'm just gonna keep revolving the videos around most likely! That's the plan anyway, just like a setlist. I've seen that one before. Ahh, but that was on a Thursday. Glamour & Glitz is a top song to be fair. Its piano intro and gradual ascent is a milestone in performance. I've stated it before, if you don't state it yourself it's unlikely anybody else will. But you have to have an upward spiral for anything that you're attempting to get traction too. Me, I like writing in an attempt to just attract enough of an audience that somebody gives a dam about the record. Lifes okay, but it is nice to know your tunes are out there for a living. 



The Cafe Authors (What A Band). 

I always enjoyed 'The Cafe Authors' feeling it had its own European/American culture to it. Musically live as a duet at the time couldn't be touched. certainly in the U.S northwest. The pair of us watched The Proclaimers do it the one night at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, just to see them perform. Stood there at the side of the stage, great guys and a really wicked band. 


A throwback to the noughties. 

The picture there on Youtube was taken in Vancouver around 2000 in the back of my Jeep. Wasn't driving at the time as it was a special occasion. I've not been able to capture that smile ever since. No reason but as photos go I liked it.

Any road up, it's out there now. 

Michael David Curley 

Why I Made A Reverb Pedal. 

As part of my first Foundation degree had to make a device that could be played with an instrument.

Originally having some grandeur plans of alternately tuned guitars etc, settled for an Arduino interface and some tricky little coding in PureData. 

Setting up in the classroom

It's nerve-wracking having to perform in front of a small group of classmates and your tutor to pass the assignments but nevertheless, you do and end up getting used to it.

Reverb pedal on the floor

The pedal itself was fairly basic in design with built presets of anywhere between 250 mill seconds to 1000. You tend to get a nice delay with that, and then the basic reverb is a built-in bit of code I used to program the Arduino.

All sounds complicated and it is, but I left with a Foundation Degree in Music Performance & Technologies: and they don't give them away for free, you really have to earn it.

Plus I recorded this. 

Some more shots from the studio during the recording of 'I doubt It'. 

Cheers for looking in!

Michael David Curley

Only Available Here (Four Songs Outside Live).  

I set this one up over a period of four weeks because in literally playing outside live would be surprised how unquiet a wooded area in the U.K is. Sunday mornings worked out the best in the pursuit of a recording project in the setting up in the local forest whilst living in Earlswood, U.K. 

Live In The Woods - Private Venue, In Warwickshire, U.K

So in setting everything up on my own, also had to relax to the point of wanting to play a well-rehearsed original track. There are four songs with the first being an adaptation of the John Betjeman poem 'Late Flowering Lust', hence the title of the first song. I wrote a chorus and the music and then of course familiar with the poem. The second song on the live release is a version of 'Standing On The Balcony'. The third is the only official release from the set of four being in that I placed it up on Youtube and shot a video for it. 'Each Time A Woman Goodbye', with the final song which in some ways is my favourite called 'No Easy Money.'

Live In The Woods (Four Songs Outside Live).

I was always fairly happy how this turned out as a project because I'm always conscious of singing aloud in a public arena and people not ever inviting it in. That stated, everything was captured pretty much first take by way of versions so what you see is what you get. Free for a download anyways and if you are here because you appreciate the music then be sure to download it into your library for variety. 

Cheers if you do!

Michael David Curley


A Great Cover Of 'Supersonic' by Michael David Curley 

Well if you don't say it's great no one else will. It's an oddity of life that when I first put this out on Youtube in 2007 it was an instant play. You'd go out come home and 500 people more had watched it with mostly positive comments. I took it down once it received over 6000 plays along with some others I had.

Some years later I tried again, but the general flow of traffic onto Youtube means you're dealing with far more people who actually upload rather than watch these days: So generally even with my meaningless video playing, it's happily at just over 100 views as it stands.

Live is something I've always striven for, but then in terms of what you've done and what you'd wish to do: Are you a big wave surfer? Do you choose only the big waves to surf, surmising you get the opportunity? That's generally been how I think about music being played live. The essence of this song is being yourself along with no one's gonna tell you what I'm going on about!

Beyond Retro

Anyway, it's up there now for the prosperity of things. We all have a tendency to wish the world away sometimes instead of just saying 'Yeah, I've done that. Why not give it a try!



Writing A Song Using Odd Titles! 

And I can be a better sculptor for my own world now it'sgone! Although the tantric days to alter ways prove clearly we're alone. You only hear me when I'm song, that never wants to carry on. The bottles open for a year now that is spun, And If I was aching for a life you call mistaken now it's now done. 

A gather reaching for a line a Dala's preaching come Alon. Insight confusion in between the laws of Newton sing-along. He only wants you for his song! And never cares to carry on. Two bottles open for a year now that is one. And if was aching for a life you call mistaken it's done. And were the places that you drove a while to face in, Chaccaron? In Cars to temples that were-places you remembered got along. A faulty test there for a song. In pause to question now, it's gone. A bottle empty but the next one's up and on. 




Mildly Amusing To Fun. 

I've had a song sat on my hard drive since 2015 that for some reason decided to record off the cuff, and just kept it. I never once rehearsed less knew I wanted to do a spoken word over the top of 'Both Sides Now. It's suppossed to be funny. The oddity of that is that once you've released it people have an opinion. That's likely why I kept it. I've listened to it a few times over the years and what I'm talking about at a somewhat parody level is in fact true.

That's an odd one to release you might believe?

The answer is simple, why not? It's clearly never going to get in the charts or dominate anything over the festive periods but then, it's a musical outlet. That's what these blogs are about. You're sat there watching TV and suddenly think of something funny. Clearly, if you've been around other people have a fair idea of a funny sort of a benchmark. 

At the point you get squashed or mashed it at least proves you had a sense of humour. 

Both sides can: If I don't do it some other person will. Job done!


Leaving Comments On Musical Websites... 

No, I get excited to be fair only realising that it has nothing to do with the music what so ever!! If you're out there and wanting to leave a comment on this website there are two steps you have to do. The first thing is to provide me with an email address and secondly leave something relevant to the website. 

It's tough I know: You're out there selling a product and find some unsuspecting website master who you believe will allow you to write an S.A or whatever it is that you do during the course of the English night. It's okay: I reckon if we had around 1500 people per day then commercials would actually pay off. You have to have some traction for that and this is really just a humble offering of what it is I do have.

A portfolio, exactly! If you like it then great, it really helps me out, let me know! If you don't. Not sure why you're here. 

Leave a comment:

Learn the songs:

Tell me that you did:

Now that's upward motion. 

Cheers for looking in.

Michael David Curley

All My University Work Completed! 

Having just handed in my final project for University actually feel fairly content with the outcome. It's been an odd 18 months based on the pandemic and not being able to attend the campus. That stated campus was already 40 minutes away from my home so having to do courses and lectures online has made it far less intrusive into my day. Less travel time has to be good for the climate. 

Whilst I don't have a large studio I do have a really useful soundproofed area to record in and having just finished off those works likely now able to relax again. They'll, of course, be changes to my working environment at some point however just for now can be at peace with what I've achieved. I never thought at any point prior to having a degree or furthering my official adult education. That stated now it's done, happy to have made it out in one piece. 

Having never been a fan of academic writing: 

Foundation Degree in Music Performance & Technologies.

BA (Hons) Sound Production.

Stuck on the resume for life now!!

Michael David Curley

Questions & Answers! 

What's your favourite day time drink?

I like smoothies to be fair: They often help settle you: Recently I've stopped making coffee in the morning and just drinking water to start. I drink one of those for breakfast and often just have one for lunch and then just eat the main meal like salmon. The basis of anything really is moderation but I don't drink alcohol much anymore if once every six months and then just a bottle of Bud or something.

What do you think about social media?

I've found posting things on there a real waste of time: If you like taking photo's which I did do for a long while, Instagram's a good place to store them: My real point is though a daily blog if you keep it short, helps just refresh you and then you also can see that people have been. Social media makes you feel like wanting for something that never comes along anyway, that's how I feel. Posting YouTubes of my own music but I also like listening in seems like a good deal not really listening to music other than on youtube these days. I find the further away from streaming firms the better: Although I do have Netflix and Amazon Prime so I suggest that based on that it's cheating. 

What's your favourite movie?

There are far too many films to say, other than I do love film production a lot. Musically of course if you can enter into that world and earn a living it's a blessing. 'Highlander' maybe! Although it's all a bit dated now. A remake of the original film would be great. Musically however you can't knock it. That's probably what I look for: 

Who's your favourite football team?

Birmingham City FC is my team and has been for years: I once got a write up in front of the program about living abroad and still supporting them. I do like watching premier league regardless of the teams and enjoy the usual banter over diner. That stated in terms of internationals generally don't care too much for them, with a cultured lean towards the Republic of Ireland's team. Irish teams? Sligo Rovers. MLS? I don't care but likely Seattle because I lived there.




Some Works From University. 

It's open to questions: Visual art that moves to a microphone. Just one of the assignments I had to carry out in year two of University. Programming in Puredata code: All original work of course! I'd likely watch this one late a nite based on the relevance of the course work

A foundation degree in Music Performance & Technologies and BA (Hons) Sound Production. I wouldn't want you to think everything I did was easy because I can!!

What are you going to do with the next five years?


University 'Get some in'!!


The Other Versions of Each Time. 

There are in fact three versions of the song Each Time. The latter is listed below and the other two were always live staples of the cafe authors. So, I've spent a little bit of time on this one and remastered it as best as it is. Has a really nice drag to the guitars in the later stages of the song. 'Uh oh'.


We'd rehearsed this song a lot before we decided to go out into the U.S Northwest music scene. There are a few regrets with that band as we almost got side by ATO, and apparently, Dave Matthews even liked the album. But alas you don't get signed and the duet picks up a new member. 'Ahh, the Yoko Ono effect". Yes, much than sooner or later, the inevitable takes place and the whole thing breaks down anyhow. You wouldn't want to leave it on a sour note though, oh no. It's music: It happens: It's still cared for as you can see: Therefore, if you don't put it out then how do you know? It was only last evening I received a message thanking me for putting out more songs on youtube. So there you go, message responded. 

Ces't la Vie

Michael David Curley

Yippie Ki O Ki A (Take A Photograph).   

The sentiment is always important when finally seated down to write a song. Why not introduce an old one whilst derivatively making up your own, it's a really interesting practice. Recorded this on my Logitech Desk Mic hence the occasion for pops - yet it meets the mood I was in at the time, so technically speaking unless you are going to do it with a band and you like the feel of what you got: Keep it, over time people appreciate it. 

Definitely going to revisit this one at a later time and hopefully with a band: It's potential to be a grindy sort-of-a-thing. Take a photograph, something clean you know will last. Yeah, I like this song a lot!


I Wrote My Dissertation On Recording An Album..  

It's not been an easy project recording a short album and then having to write about it. Mentioning the other day that in doing so, must also do so in both the third person and using references to prove the research.

Surely you've got it done?

Pretty much completed all my works now, other than tidying things up: Working in a world where two computers are needed is always a challenge, and that stated am I actually happy with the outcome? Well, the whole idea was to record it in the context of being radio-style live sessions. In as much as, you don't really get that long to spend on setup so each recording is done in one take: Being a solo artist playing the instruments myself and then as to not to stretch the process out beyond a six-week time frame.

Available To Stream Worldwide

Aged In A Day! Is based on two poems inclusive of arrangement and additional lyrics with music. Finding these in a great book I have. Was pretty pleased with the way it came out recording-wise: Not the most memorable of things I've personally written but that stated it served a purpose and my long term objective is to probably just record it again with a band.


There have been some interesting projects in the past three years but I'll be glad when it's over and out the way, the allure of having a BA (Hons) was far too much to pass up. You can download the original acoustic demo of Aged In A Day, which I recorded on New Years Eve 2015. The original often holds a clearer clarity as mentioned in these writings below that you rarely seem to capture on a second or third go, see what you think. Why not leave a comment on what you're doing.



Not Exactly Like Trump's New Website!  

Michael David Curley - Mullaghmore - Ireland Michael David Curley

But you have to understand the relevance of letting some steam off: Trashing all those politicians like that the way he does! It makes life interesting. The ability of any sort of platform really makes sense away from the regular rolls of the world from social media's. A place where you can write more or less and no one ever has to like or leave a comment. 

Run some ads if you like, it all makes sense in the long run. A small cup of coffee while you're commenting on the daily papers? I've done that before, for almost five years. You tend to see cycles of press minus BREXIT and the regulars like Covid. You can't even write that without having some regulatory label underneath it on social media jumping on so yes it's refreshing to be able to put on your headphones and start writing. 

Get The Label

Get The Label

The picture there was taken on the beach at Mullaghmore in the republic of Ireland. It seems like a good place to put it!  It was a very enjoyable day. Course, the fact that Trump's new website is missing music likely means people won't stay. You have to consider what his landing page time is. Attempting to attract people in a completely different direction is a mainstream gamble at best. 

Traffics okay here, it could always be better. That stated if you're telling friends and influencing. Geez, from setting up Dj's nights at the age of 18. 

Cheers for looking in.


Finishing Up University... 

Just some thoughts down here you know!

It's been an interesting three years in terms of learning and much of what I used to believe was relevant has really been destroyed by the ongoing world of academia. Writing in the third person: That's worth a degree right there in terms of an ability not to. The modern world being what it isn't everyone just out for themselves? It's a fair question. You'll likely find that gets changed in the next ten years.

Writing in the first person is relatively easy - certainly compared to what you're expected to nurture.

That stated, it's not really a full three years as I started in late 2018, but it seems like it went quite quickly, to be honest.

It's therapeutic as mentioned before to just write down thoughts. There's always plenty that could be said but sometimes it's just easier to not.

I'm bored of writing to people that never write me back, you know what I mean. 

Best wishes




Traditionally speaking this song should really just be flat out rock n roll heavy guitars but at the time, only actually had what is in the picture so layered a few tracks of acoustics. Only also having a Logitech desk mic, might go back and revisit this one at a later date.  


Available to Stream Worldwide

The only trouble with revisiting songs is that you'll maybe not capture the raw side of what it is you were doing that stated if you don't then you won't know! It really depends if you're happy with the version that you put out there or at some point as just stated, go obvious in production and re-record the song. Lyrically it's more a meandering groove and I don't recall writing such a song in that way where the verses seem to carry on. Have some courage and why not put it out there I guess!

Here are some recent interesting figures: about average now each day. 


Somehow Is A Music Video.. 

It was a Sunday morning as remembered I asked my young son Daniel if he'd like to make a music video: He was always into the band coming over, had his own guitar and generally enjoyed life as young lads should. We'd play football (soccer) run around, climb trees and do everything perhaps other than clean the cars. So there we are running around on a video for the world.

Anyone who reads these already knows that the posts are here now for the long term: They're short in appearance but you know, hold you in good stead sometimes. It's been a long day already being away from my pal. Sure am gonna miss ya! Say, one day when you're older even older than now. You'll look back and be glad that I did. The broken glass they said in the courts on your very 5th Birthday. "I would think you would crawl over broken glass to get back to your son Mr Curley."

Yeah well, 13 years does that to a man. You know they'd even taken this film if they could. 

Funny how my loser friends are all still hanging out and calling. Say how many people in Seattle do you still talk to?

What's that, your brothers doing well with Arlene Foster, well, that doesn't really say much anyhow. 

Rat-tat-tat, kiddie-nickers.

Yeah, the song does just fine on its own.



'Niall Of Nine Hostages'




Why A Great Back Catalogue Is Essential 

If a musician doesn't always possess the things they need at the very great moments they need them. At least a great back catalogue if available can always help explain. What a milestone weekend? It's my own son's 18th birthday on May 2nd and I can't think of a better person to dedicate to. At some point, the site gets left to the one and only air. It's not much but, I've always figured that a young adult going through life with an ability to blog and an always growing fan base may just wish to write on it.

Available to Stream Worldwide.

Ahh, we the bestowers of often bad examples. Depends on which great side of the coin you're on. Random statements in the morning, prior to a coffee. Whatever Happened to John Wayne? Well other than what we do know. The spirit of. I was asked to write that track for a movie which as often does, never came out. Nevertheless, the song still remains and gets spun quite often on internet stations. 

Happy Birthday Daniel and to all those looking in. 

Always Cult Status!