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Keeping Things Simple Is The Key To Success!  

If it ain't broke don't fix it - well, all great relationships will tend to have their peaks and troughs, its the moments you realise there is time to relax and recharge, simplicity takes over. 

Sat outside with dad eating paella. 

I picked the habit up in Spain of playing nylon strings and that guy who's sat there with me in the photograph bought me a good one. You can always tell when an instrument is purchased with care. The relevance of reaching out is a point of looking into who visits the site: Panama yesterday, few places in Europe and China, never forgetting L.A. It cheers a man up to see the relevance of reaching out and being observed in both the east coast and west coast USA. 

Trollbeads - The Original since 1976

In remastering an older track I'd recorded prepared for the modern world find songs are sometimes like opening a bottle of wine. My Youtube playlist 'Tunes Invitational' is much like that: Always open so a person really just has to find it to know. Splice the mainbrace, full sail to the wind, we did what we can. Peace!

Michael David Curley

Writing Someway! 

This is one of those recordings that you either work up and record or you just play it live or perhaps do both. Alternate tuning to start on five strings. I played on 5 strings for a long time purposely removing the high E. Got a few songs out of the tuning and as always preferred certain one's.


I guess the relevance of writing this was after reading a book about the war for independence and British ships being involved. It doesn't have to be a specific battle, but liked the idea of tall ships in a harbour firing onto the shore. As the song states, it's a storytellers mind.

The first verse originally being personal. That stated, had some really good responses from people close who I thought would have just passed it off. You put all that together and believe I captured quite a soundtrack. A little noisy on the production side of things if I'm being critical but there you go: As stated up top, depending on where you are at the time of writing a song and have access to anything really. That is often how it turns out.


Trollbeads - The Original since 1976

One thing I've learned in terms of creative works is to never stop promoting them. Even if you don't at the time feel like playing. Working on the basis you never went mainstream? Well, what's to be afraid of it's music that people like and stream or buy or they don't and they leave. 

That's the only way to work: I couldn't reach enough people if I tried. The markets closed as far as I know it, so really just enjoy it by way of a share. The market? The industry? Are you a recognised artist? Not that I'm aware of other than on Google. 

Then I must be.

Cult artist? No...)


Nelly Trim (Writing From Poetry) 



One supposes in the modern realms you can state Trim and still be understood. 'Nelly Trim' originally being a poem by Sylvia Townsend, found myself going through a phase of seeing how hard it was to covert and/or adapt certain poems with the slight integrity of a chorus if you can. Lyrically and structurally in many respects, you get the ideas about the poet's mind. Pre-internet and guitars by the ready you can wonder a folly to anywhere lands. 

That stated, decided on a darker feel to the description and loved the imagery of a bar being entered in order to save a wedding. Who by you may ask? By the band of course, don't they always! If you read the article below this you'll notice a similarity between the ideas of this and 'Skin The Goat', the wandering musos of hope!

Nelly Trim is currently only available on youtube! As mostly happens when you do write something down though! You get excited and find yourself pressing record. Not to worry, don't be scared to share what you believe is a good capture of your recording. Permutations of tracks always tend to appear: Look at any artist from studio to live to later down the road.   


Immigration Nation.  

Musically written by my old mate Rick Knotts is actually one of my favourite tracks I've written lyrics for. The title was always going to be 'Immigration Nation', but this song is more than that. To me, 'it's a piece of factual history that we were at least talking about the factual ironies of anything', said Alice! The title of the song plus the sentiment to me is a story about a young anyone who goes to war on something then never makes it back.


Do you like Street art?




Perhaps Alice in the song is a modern-day Princess, telling all the press, while the press moves on! Wanted to share it anyway as part of my work(s), be that as an individual solo artist or when in a band. As a point of interest, it is reported that the famous picture of the earth was taken in that position, as shown on the cover of 'Dumb It Down', whilst coming back around from If everything's ready on the dark side of the moon.

Play the five tones!

Eugene (What's On Your Mind?) 

Going through the video's here in a future realm of, for whom it may concern: It's always been the thing about the internet that you can never get enough people through the doors without the whole thing crashing. More commonly is, you can never quite get enough people through the doors for anything it seems when you're trying. That's why I've always enjoyed the freestyle writing sides of websites. One finds it therapeutic to withdraw from the worlds of the television and others people's existences. 

I guess the ethos about the title being named after a man is that the song is about the very same person being a woman. The 1980's quips on genius scholars after the very same name. The woman you adore who just before the age of 30 seems to know it all, for at the time it sounds like a song, yet often the song comes later. Liking the idea of walking for thoughts always liked the verse about walking five miles! That's 1825 miles per year if you manage it per day. I did it for five years walking the woods and lakes and lanes. Get home around 4 pm and start playing. 

Earlswood Lakes, Warwickshire, U.K


That's better, I feel like I've left you a conversation now! Oh don't worry about her, married I think with children! It's still a great song though, no matter how you play it.  



Cheers for looking in

Michael David Curley


The Need To Update Your Website! 


Get The Label



Having already uploaded two new interesting articles to the site happy to announce the reintroduction of the blog, missing for some three years. I've been wanting to thank the people from around the globe who still find time to play the official releases whilst likely doing some research in between.

I'm currently finishing up my third year at Wolverhampton University studying 'Sound Production BA (Hons) and hoping to get through by May of this year. That's been the plan then onwards to the next project(s). My good friend Anthony Lilly is working out in the United States on movies and with a vast amount of contacts and talking to me daily. What's interesting in terms of monthly sales are the territories the music is now being played in. As far as South Korea, China, Australia, United States, United Kingdom. Independent art is alive and well with zero paid promotion! Bum Bum, then it must be word of mouth. 

Saks Fifth Avenue - UK

Saks Fifth Avenue


The toggle's up the top are specially designed for people who like to surf and includes two of my affiliates Saks Fifth Avenue and GetTheLabel.Com, others are perhaps smaller projects I've been involved in and taken time to officially release.

All the best,

Michael David Curley

Promoting Clever Bastards!   

Originally formed

as Big Game!


"Promoting Clever Bastards!"  


Michael David Curley

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Formed 2001, Seattle, WA, United States, Disbanded 2011  


Mike Curley (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Michael Derosier (drums, percussion), Roger Fisher (lead guitar, mandolin, vocals), Rick Knotts (baritone guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals), Lynn Sorensen (bass, violin, viola, vocals).

 'This article is for anyone who has been interested in the works of 'Seattle based rock band Clever Bastards!'

Roger Fisher's most recent 2018 response concerning Clever Bastards taken from his website


Having reached that age whereby the earlier music recorded by myself is in fact likely more tasteful to my age group these days! Wanted to give these two albums by Clever Bastards a good breathe of fresh air. The earlier recording entitled 'The Great Unconformity was always supposed to be somewhat Avant-garde, and you may very well ask how. Vinyl wasn't at all popular at the time, so we still managed to record it in a 1970's style format of if you listen to the whole thing from start to finish, you should be listening to a story. Some of the works included in that are detailed in the backward talk that appeared based on the day it was put onto vinyl the interested party can listen to what's being said. Use of a sound portfolio scapes both albums with the second Dumb It Down, aimed at being more pop, within a political theme: Simple seemed song structures or casual heavy rock, yet detailed by the finest of players. 

The albums at the time both received major label interest, however, at which point were never commercially picked up. Whilst both albums are available on Youtube (Playlist links above).


The Great Unconformity is named after a missing piece of rock in the Grand Canyon. 2001


Recent developments have seen streaming interests from younger age groups from all over the world. Although the band officially disbanded the music is a legacy in the achievement of both songwriting and production. Band members include two Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, Roger Fisher & Michael Derosier, formerly of Heart! Rick Knotts found 80's MTV fame with the rock band Rail. Lynn Sorensen played with Paul Rodgers in Bad Company touring all over the world. Myself who closed out the 2007 Czech Grammy's as lead singer and guitarist for The Alan White Band. 


'Dumb it Down', was a phrase brought up in a conversation about the mainstream media! 2007.


Memorable Songs

The song 'Standing On The Balcony', appears in part on the first album, and then later in full on 'Dumb It Down'. By 2010 the song had been performed to sold-out audiences in the United States and appeared as far as Dubai on the radio, both internet and traditional. After hearing the song on the Smooth FM in the U.K in October 2010 (Later found out it was Halo ), instantly recognised the melody of which, as the primary writer for 'Clever Bastards' had written. Solicitors in the U.K were involved by 2012 and in an agreement, the song 'Halo' which appeared in early 2008 written by 'One Republic' songwriter Ryan Tedder and performed by Beyonce Knowles had infringed my rights. The intimate out of the left-field cascading mandolin introduction to 'Standing On The Balcony' was in fact replicated on piano and gave instant cause for concerns. 


Press play for the bootleg of 'Standing on The Balcony' over the official backing track to 'Halo'.

Legal Disclaimer

The song available for review is a rough demo guide for the listener. 'Standing On The Balcony' set to the backing track of Halo officially released one year before. Lyrically the song is constructed the same and matches both timbre and pitch. Knowles lawyers argued there was zero similarity to their sound recorded and even credited another artist for inspiration.


Watch 'Clever Bastards' 'live' at the 2006 Seattle Hempfest.