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Still Spinning It! 

I wrote this song at the start of the troubles at the turn of the century. Living in America at this time was always just blown away by the amount of crap you're forced to consume. That stated, on a good day a pretty nice place to live!

Dumb It Down

A record executive had mentioned we should dumb it down, meaning the next album. So we did. I always loved the intro to Mr President and figure the song should be more popular than it is really. It's classic. Available to stream worldwide. 



So Long Big City!  

I was looking through some of my digital stream sales and not surprised the original cut of Big City is currently being played out in Russia. The Clever Bastards release was the original track with further parts placed on. The original is available to buy or stream under Mike Curley E.P. on iTunes.

Out of songs I've written, this is likely on the list of songs that are fun to play. That stated always I'm always surprised the song never achieved more at this point of historical reference. The backward talking at the end is classic!