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The Long Drop - Part 1 - Skin The Goat & The Invincables.  

Five more original songs from 2011

Back in 2011 I recorded a quickly turned around demo EP. In attempting to release the whole thing as one track called it the 'The Long Drop','Part 1', discussing the project idea in an earlier post (Skin The Goat & The Invincables).

As it happens iTunes rejected it, so in the end, I cut it up and put out just two songs.

Thinking that iTunes was the be-all and end-all, never gave any other thought to the other companies. Anyroad up, exactly ten years later the whole thing turned up on Amazon to download or stream. You see, not such a stupid idea as Apple thought.

It's me really just being as creative as I can. Lyrically it's a trip!

So if you're on the site here stop a while put on some headphones and give it a listen. You'll not hear anything else that it does sound like. 

Michael David Curley

No, It's A Good Solid Joke! 

I was looking at the relevance of the Sir in the U.K Labour leaders name the other day (the official opposition) and surprised he was head of prosecutions here in England for a while. "So why would you vote for him"? I thought. Looking up some statistics realised that around 8 to 10% of people convicted actually then get off with a retrial.

Not to mention those who don't and never did.

So come May 17th people can all start hugging again but gatherings of over 30 are still illegal until June. I can wait. Seems like everywhere still has its own certain quirks about it. Peace out!

Michael David Curley

Jenny Kissed Me by Leigh Hunt (Musical Adaptation)  

First releasing the very short poem 'Jenny Kissed Me', in around 1838, first found it myself in a very smart compilation book of poetry my dad had. Worked up an arrangement and starting singing the melody: The irony about the Leigh Hunt original being short is that over the years a few people have had official cracks at writing extra verses. All three official versions were printed in the book I'd been given.

So there you go, other than my own mom being called the very same name had no reason not to wish to sing it. That stated why call the project 'Skin The Goat And The Invincables'? 

Jenny Kissed Me, is Available To Stream Worldwide!

The idea in principle is based on the now infamous Skin The Goat & The Invincibles a group of Irish Republicans who were hanged for the murder of an English official in Phoenix Park, Dublin in the late 19th century. The originality of it caught my eye as the main character called 'Skin the Goat' is flanked only by a man called Curley. Daniel Curley to be precise. He made quite the telling speech just before his hanging.


Click The Picture To Read The Full Report

That stated on a lighter note decided to turn the infamous characters into an animated film group of animals besides a goat being their leader, who walk around the Irish countryside meeting people and putting things right through the music. 

End It All - Available To Stream Worldwide.

You'd be surprised how much this gets streamed out in the world as I\ve never promoted it. The odd 50 times here and there which means it was receiving some sort of open airplay. The intro being playful itself.

Trollbeads - The Original since 1976


Check it out one time and be sure to leave a comment. 

Michael David Curley