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The Happy Holiday Time Machine - A Christmas Message From Space! 

Wishes From Space!

I released this last year but again was taken from the 'Happy Holiday Time Machine' recorded in December 2008. Featuring my friend Anthony Lilly and finishes with a version of, 'I Believe In Father Christmas'. That stated, doing a short album's worth of material over the festive period always seemed legit to me, with Tony very professionally adlibbing his characters. I mean, at this stage of my career never expect a great return but happy in the fact it's still out there. If there's one thing I've learned over the years is that you can't make anyone drink the water, they have to just find it for themselves. It could take years!! 

Be sure to stream 'Tell Me' the official Christmas track by Michael David Curley available worldwide on all great platforms.


Are You Taking The Festive Season?  

I Ain't Just make Believe

Wrote this one back in 2008, but it never made it out there as part 'The Cafe Authors' official catalogue. Pretty standard tune based around the festive season whatever your particular persuasion of life! With loss and longing always being well worth subjects to write about. It was an emotional outlet at the time no doubt. Cheers to everyone who's visited this year it means a lot. Anyway as the holidays pick up, you might just have enough room for one more song on your playlist.

Michael David Curley