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An Interesting Summer Parade! 

Thought I'd give this a quick spin - as I was just about to head out the door for a walk in the summer. headphones on! 

Click for Tunes Invitational.

I Doubt It, Another Yesterday Door, Standing On The Balcony (Halo), Love Always Comes & Goes,

Supersonic (Live In Prague), Eugene, Someway, Love & War, Master of My Day, Imagine (live with Alan White).

Michael David Curley

Digital Currency For Music Royalties. 

Not really sure about cryptocurrency in music, as I to be honest like most, don't really understand it. The relevance of telling a person that bitcoin now costs X amount of something is great if you have some. The downside at this point is it's already been taken care of. The ability for it to trickle down in my mind regardless of what the currency is, FIAT or CRYPTO is crucial to its success. Having stated before that streams to me are opportunities regardless of the real-time lack of monetary reward! If you're making even a fraction monthly then surely that must be a good sign - but it could take years! I've only ever seen an increase in that in recent years and not having the touring capabilities it's difficult to guess, who is actually out there.

No the relevance of making royalties in music is that you somehow do: If larger companies start paying out better revenues in a digital currency I'm all for that, based on a stock exchange(s) and prices having an ability to rise and bring some worth to a songbook portfolio. 

You can see from my own charts that the influence of a platform like TikTok even entertains my own music which is great based on its clearly being used. I've always worked on the basis of the music holds up so it travels. I suppose I wouldn't mind being paid out in digital forms of currency. 

Michael David Curley  

The Chicken Song. 

Sat in the music room at my friend Tony's house he started singing a really silly rhyme, that quickly developed into a song. I've always liked the structure of 'If I was a rich man' so changed it to 'if I was a chicken'. It's one of those songs you have to write with another person just to check the radar settings. 

I've always looked at spoof songs with envy in a way because of the obvious reality created. That's really what we did with the chicken song. "It exists", would be my own official statement. Whether people ever find it is really just based on time.


A quick glimpse into life at the time!

Derivative works! 

Michael David Curley

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