A Great Cover Of 'Supersonic' by Michael David Curley

Well if you don't say it's great no one else will. It's an oddity of life that when I first put this out on Youtube in 2007 it was an instant play. You'd go out come home and 500 people more had watched it with mostly positive comments. I took it down once it received over 6000 plays along with some others I had.

Some years later I tried again, but the general flow of traffic onto Youtube means you're dealing with far more people who actually upload rather than watch these days: So generally even with my meaningless video playing, it's happily at just over 100 views as it stands.

Live is something I've always striven for, but then in terms of what you've done and what you'd wish to do: Are you a big wave surfer? Do you choose only the big waves to surf, surmising you get the opportunity? That's generally been how I think about music being played live. The essence of this song is being yourself along with no one's gonna tell you what I'm going on about!

Beyond Retro

Anyway, it's up there now for the prosperity of things. We all have a tendency to wish the world away sometimes instead of just saying 'Yeah, I've done that. Why not give it a try!



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