A Silence Of Home

I wrote this one watching the telly just messing around with a riff I ended up with. It developed over a period of around a year and I knew what the chorus was because it seemed to just come naturally. The verses I struggled with for a while until I knew what I wanted to say.

Rehearsed it to where I was feeling comfortable and then literally picked up my chair and headed outside. There was this really nice nook that was covered just outside my kitchen window and it was dark, The breeze was blowing and I always think that based on what I'm stating in the song, just answers to the call. Played on my nylon string I think in time will go down as one of my best songs.


Using a Tascam app at the time on an iPad I had, just boosted it up a little in mastering. I like recording outdoors as it's difficult to fake it. So sit back and enjoy a Silence of Home. I recorded another version for University and handed it in as a project, but prefer the original being this one.

Michael David Curley


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