All My University Work Completed!

Having just handed in my final project for University actually feel fairly content with the outcome. It's been an odd 18 months based on the pandemic and not being able to attend the campus. That stated campus was already 40 minutes away from my home so having to do courses and lectures online has made it far less intrusive into my day. Less travel time has to be good for the climate. 

Whilst I don't have a large studio I do have a really useful soundproofed area to record in and having just finished off those works likely now able to relax again. They'll, of course, be changes to my working environment at some point however just for now can be at peace with what I've achieved. I never thought at any point prior to having a degree or furthering my official adult education. That stated now it's done, happy to have made it out in one piece. 

Having never been a fan of academic writing: 

Foundation Degree in Music Performance & Technologies.

BA (Hons) Sound Production.

Stuck on the resume for life now!!

Michael David Curley

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