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No, I get excited to be fair only realising that it has nothing to do with the music what so ever!! If you're out there and wanting to leave a comment on this website there are two steps you have to do. The first thing is to provide me with an email address and secondly leave something relevant to the website. 

It's tough I know: You're out there selling a product and find some unsuspecting website master who you believe will allow you to write an S.A or whatever it is that you do during the course of the English night. It's okay: I reckon if we had around 1500 people per day then commercials would actually pay off. You have to have some traction for that and this is really just a humble offering of what it is I do have.

A portfolio, exactly! If you like it then great, it really helps me out, let me know! If you don't. Not sure why you're here. 

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Now that's upward motion. 

Cheers for looking in.

Michael David Curley

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