Only Available Here (Four Songs Outside Live). 

I set this one up over a period of four weeks because in literally playing outside live would be surprised how unquiet a wooded area in the U.K is. Sunday mornings worked out the best in the pursuit of a recording project in the setting up in the local forest whilst living in Earlswood, U.K. 

Live In The Woods - Private Venue, In Warwickshire, U.K

So in setting everything up on my own, also had to relax to the point of wanting to play a well-rehearsed original track. There are four songs with the first being an adaptation of the John Betjeman poem 'Late Flowering Lust', hence the title of the first song. I wrote a chorus and the music and then of course familiar with the poem. The second song on the live release is a version of 'Standing On The Balcony'. The third is the only official release from the set of four being in that I placed it up on Youtube and shot a video for it. 'Each Time A Woman Goodbye', with the final song which in some ways is my favourite called 'No Easy Money.'

Live In The Woods (Four Songs Outside Live).

I was always fairly happy how this turned out as a project because I'm always conscious of singing aloud in a public arena and people not ever inviting it in. That stated, everything was captured pretty much first take by way of versions so what you see is what you get. Free for a download anyways and if you are here because you appreciate the music then be sure to download it into your library for variety. 

Cheers if you do!

Michael David Curley


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