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"Promoting Clever Bastards!"  


Michael David Curley

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Formed 2001, Seattle, WA, United States, Disbanded 2011  


Mike Curley (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Michael Derosier (drums, percussion), Roger Fisher (lead guitar, mandolin, vocals), Rick Knotts (baritone guitar, 12-string guitar, vocals), Lynn Sorensen (bass, violin, viola, vocals).

 'This article is for anyone who has been interested in the works of 'Seattle based rock band Clever Bastards!'

Roger Fisher's most recent 2018 response concerning Clever Bastards taken from his website


Having reached that age whereby the earlier music recorded by myself is in fact likely more tasteful to my age group these days! Wanted to give these two albums by Clever Bastards a good breathe of fresh air. The earlier recording entitled 'The Great Unconformity was always supposed to be somewhat Avant-garde, and you may very well ask how. Vinyl wasn't at all popular at the time, so we still managed to record it in a 1970's style format of if you listen to the whole thing from start to finish, you should be listening to a story. Some of the works included in that are detailed in the backward talk that appeared based on the day it was put onto vinyl the interested party can listen to what's being said. Use of a sound portfolio scapes both albums with the second Dumb It Down, aimed at being more pop, within a political theme: Simple seemed song structures or casual heavy rock, yet detailed by the finest of players. 

The albums at the time both received major label interest, however, at which point were never commercially picked up. Whilst both albums are available on Youtube (Playlist links above).


The Great Unconformity is named after a missing piece of rock in the Grand Canyon. 2001


Recent developments have seen streaming interests from younger age groups from all over the world. Although the band officially disbanded the music is a legacy in the achievement of both songwriting and production. Band members include two Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, Roger Fisher & Michael Derosier, formerly of Heart! Rick Knotts found 80's MTV fame with the rock band Rail. Lynn Sorensen played with Paul Rodgers in Bad Company touring all over the world. Myself who closed out the 2007 Czech Grammy's as lead singer and guitarist for The Alan White Band. 


'Dumb it Down', was a phrase brought up in a conversation about the mainstream media! 2007.


Memorable Songs

The song 'Standing On The Balcony', appears in part on the first album, and then later in full on 'Dumb It Down'. By 2010 the song had been performed to sold-out audiences in the United States and appeared as far as Dubai on the radio, both internet and traditional. After hearing the song on the Smooth FM in the U.K in October 2010 (Later found out it was Halo ), instantly recognised the melody of which, as the primary writer for 'Clever Bastards' had written. Solicitors in the U.K were involved by 2012 and in an agreement, the song 'Halo' which appeared in early 2008 written by 'One Republic' songwriter Ryan Tedder and performed by Beyonce Knowles had infringed my rights. The intimate out of the left-field cascading mandolin introduction to 'Standing On The Balcony' was in fact replicated on piano and gave instant cause for concerns. 


Press play for the bootleg of 'Standing on The Balcony' over the official backing track to 'Halo'.

Legal Disclaimer

The song available for review is a rough demo guide for the listener. 'Standing On The Balcony' set to the backing track of Halo officially released one year before. Lyrically the song is constructed the same and matches both timbre and pitch. Knowles lawyers argued there was zero similarity to their sound recorded and even credited another artist for inspiration.


Watch 'Clever Bastards' 'live' at the 2006 Seattle Hempfest.

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