United Kingdom Are Jokes At Eurovision.

It's a fairly easy format that was destroyed by the almost now last twenty years of controls over U.K songwriting. We have around 75,000 albums per year released in the U.K and the fourth largest music market next to the U.S. Japan and Germany. If you've heard of 50 of them you're likely to be an expert. In terms of actual songs that are written by writers who write? It's not like the industry doesn't know you're there, they do! You're not at any point ever going to be asked to write a song though. I've met with representatives of the U.K industry twice since being back in the United Kingdom, and other than telling them about Halo, and likely seeming strange when I did, also sang them 'Long Black Veil' in an audition for X Factor in 2012.

I had to do it acapella at the time, which is always interesting! A couple of hours later met with the senior producer of the show and he asked me if I knew anything 5000 people would know. "sure"! I told him. Sang 'Don't Look Back In Anger' by Oasis and he thanked me for my time.

Life was a little confusing at the time and other than messing up my phone number they put me down as a substitute for Manchester so told them I wasn't interested. The little known fact about why the UK scores zero in the Eurovision song contest is they know we don't take it with the same intent as the other countries do! Especially when they know we do have great songwriters here and most to the majority are just clearly ignored.

Just like not asking John Lydon to invest his own time in a documentary about his own life! Typical! 





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